You're more than a credit score

Everyone deserves access to fair, affordable credit

You're in Control

Your data belongs to you, so isn’t it time you benefit from it? Our technology lets you use your own data when applying for financial products.

Easy to Use

Applying with Credit Kudos is as simple as signing in to your online banking and can be completed in minutes.

Move Beyond a Number

No more complicated credit reports telling you to take out a loan to boost your score. With Credit Kudos, you get rewarded for earning and saving.

Credit Kudos puts you in control of your credit

Credit Kudos' technology lets you demonstrate creditworthiness driven by real, up-to-date financial data provided directly by you.

Traditional credit scores are based on a lot of assumptions. If you rent your home or haven't taken out loans before, lenders may consider you high risk even if you've never missed a payment.

Credit Kudos' direct connections to the UK's largest banks enable you to safely and securely use your own data to get a better deal.

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Your bank and Credit Kudos have a trusted, secure connection through an EU government initiative called Open Banking or PSD2. When applying for a loan or through our website, Credit Kudos will prompt you to select your bank, and your bank will walk you through the process of authorising Credit Kudos. The process only takes a few minutes, and we'll guide you through each step. If you don't want to share, you don't need to do anything. Your financial behaviour is only accessible when you specifically consent to share it.

Credit Kudos looks holistically at what you can afford to borrow and the financial commitments you currently have. We don’t penalise you for not having taken out credit before, your age, or how long you’ve been at the same address. Instead, we figure out how much debt you can realistically take on given your financial history. We never want you to be turned down for a loan you can afford. Our mission is to get you the best deal possible for your unique financial situation.

Yes, you can connect as many accounts as you need from one bank or from multiple banks. Simply select multiple banks for the list at the first stage of the Credit Kudos journey, then when your connection is finished you’ll see the option to add accounts from another bank.

Credit Kudos never charges individuals to use our services or Open Banking. We make money by licensing our software and services to lenders.

Open Banking (also called PSD2 or Open Data) allows you to manage the financial data your bank or building society generates from your bank account. Budgeting apps, price comparison websites, and loan providers can help you find a better deal by using the data your bank already holds for your account. You can use Open Banking to authorise your bank to securely share your financial history with specially regulated companies like Credit Kudos. Don’t want to share? You don’t need to do anything. Open Banking is opt-in only.

No, Credit Kudos does not have any access to make payments in or out of your account.

Your bank keeps a record of what data you’ve shared and where, and you can revoke access within your online banking at any time. If Credit Kudos has access to your data for longer than a single access period, you will be presented with the opportunity to create a password to an online portal where you can manage and revoke your consent for Credit Kudos to access any of your data.

Credit Kudos is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority for Account Information Services provided within the United Kingdom. We are also authorised to provide our Account Information Services in Ireland under the EU Passporting Regime. This means we have full regulatory permission from Central Bank of Ireland.

Safe and Secure

Earning your trust is our top priority. Our technology was built from the ground up with security and privacy at its core. We’re integrated with some of the largest lenders in Europe and have trusted connections with major financial institutions.

Customer Consented

We believe you should always be in control when it comes to your data. You'll always be prompted for consent by Credit Kudos when sharing.

Regulated by the FCA

We're authorised and regulated by the FCA as both a Credit Reference Agency (CRA) and an Account Information Services Provider (AISP) (ref. 770345 and 795791).

GDPR Compliant

We’re registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a Data Controller (reg. ZA158354) and are compliant with the 1998 Data Protection Act (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Security Tested

Credit Kudos' information security management system is ISO-27001 certified, and we have been awarded the UK government's Cyber Essentials certification.

Government-grade encrypted

We use HTTPS 256-bit encryption when transmitting and storing data to keep our customers safe.