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ConnectOpen Banking journey

Collect or share Open Banking data in the way that works best for your business. Embed our optimised Open Banking journey into your website, app, email, SMS, or simply bring-your-own data.

  • Optimised for conversion

    Our Open Banking journey has been built based on extensive consumer, UX and UI research to optimise for conversion.

  • Quick and easy integration

    Connect can be easily integrated into your existing customer journey with zero or minimal technical resource required.

  • Expert advice for optimal journey

    Leverage our in-house expertise to best optimise how you introduce Connect into your existing customer journey.

Access Open Banking insights

Connect or share Open Banking data in the way that works best for your business.

Connect Flow

Connect Flow is our conversion-optimised Open Banking journey.

You can embed Connect Flow into your website or app. Or, invite customers to connect via ready-made or custom SMS, email invites and links.

Connect API

Build your own Open Banking connection journey with our Connect API.

Our Connect API handles the fetching and processing of Open Banking data, so you can integrate our consent journey into your customer experience.

Bring your own data

Enrich your existing transaction data with Credit Kudos insights in real-time.

We can absorb data from any other aggregation services, data held by you as a bank or similar financial institution, or data collected by a third party.

Powering leading companies

  • PwC
  • Cazoo
  • Curve

What our partners say

  • Through our data-driven partnership with Credit Kudos, we are now able to more quickly and more reliably assess income allowing us to responsibly increase lending volumes. This market-first partnership will change the way our customers, including the financially underserved, access financial services and products.

    Scott Cargill

    CEO, Admiral Financial Services Ltd.

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