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Open Banking Decision Engine

Assembly is our Open Banking decision engine that enables you to create, deploy and adjust automated credit decisions with minimal or no technical integration.

Meet Assembly

We built Assembly to help lenders make better and faster credit decisions with minimal risk and outlay.

  • Create, deploy and adjust automated credit decisions with zero technical resource
  • Integrate these decisions into your customer journey or LMS for real-time decisioning with one single integration point
  • Forecast the impact of new policies and adjustments on key metrics

Assembly benefits

  • Reduce operational costs and enhance operational efficiencies

  • Improve customer experience with real-time decisioning

  • Grow your loan book without growing operational cost

  • Test, deploy and adjust policies without technical overhead

Why Assembly?

Assembly transforms your operations, enabling you to save thousands of hours of underwriter time and scale without increasing costs.

Providing the tools to test and continually adjust policies without technical or analytical overhead, it empowers you to grow with greater agility and less risk.

By unlocking real-time decisioning, Assembly improves your customers’ experience and in turn your conversion.

Instantly create, test and deploy policies

Create, deploy and adjust automated credit decisions based on rich Open Banking insights.

  1. Create Policy

    Build rules that will automatically pass, fail or refer applicants.

  2. Preview

    Click Preview to see how many of your existing reports would pass, fail or refer. Spot-check specific reports and see the reason for their decision.

  3. Set Live

    Click Set Live and new reports will automatically get a decision.

Action decisions

Quickly review decisions in our underwriting platform

Review decisions in our easy-to-use underwriting platform, Atlas. For each report, your underwriters 
can see why the decision was applied, helping them
to quickly review the most relevant information.

Integrate into existing customer journeys with minimal, one-time integration

Assembly decisions are applied instantly to reports
 and available via one single integration point,
 meaning you can deploy real-time decisioning in customer journeys or integrate decisions into loan management workflows.

Assembly also enables you to continually adjust policies, and manage multiple populations, without
 any integration work.

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  • Winner

    Best Credit Information Partner

    Credit Strategy Lending Awards 2020

  • Winner

    Best Technology Provider

    Credit Strategy Credit Awards 2020

  • Winner

    Credit Information Partner of the Year

    Consumer Credit Awards 2020

  • Winner

    Innovation of the Year

    Consumer Credit Awards 2020

  • Winner

    Best Machine Learning in Credit & Collections

    Credit Connect Credit & Collections Technology Awards 2020

  • Winner

    London's Top 50 Startups

    Tempo 2020

  • Winner

    Best Risk and Fraud Solution

    Credit Excellence Awards CCR 2020

  • Winner

    The Power List 20

    Credit Connect 2020

  • Winner

    Affordable Credit Challenge

    Nesta Challenges 2020

  • Winner

    The Fintech50 2020

    FintechCity 2020

  • Winner

    Top 100 FinTech Disruptors for 2020

    BusinessCloud 2020

  • Winner

    Fintech Startups to Watch

    Computerworld 2020

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